Container plant growing


Container farms for growing plants hydroponically, growing in a nutrient solution without soil.

growing container interior
growing container interior
diagram of the growing system
diagram of the growing system
growing area with plants
growing area with plants


We built an environmentally controlled space in a refurbished shipping container with thermal insulation. This space is equipped with all the technology to prepare and grow many types of herbs, vegetables and fruits in hydroponic systems.

In the container it is possible to use 5 growing methods: DFT, NFT, Drain, Drip, Aero.

What can be grown

  • leafy vegetables (salads, cabbage)
  • fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, peppers)
  • root vegetables (kohlrabi, radishes)
  • herbs (mint, lemon balm)
  • ornamental flowers
  • spices (coriander, cloves)
  • fruit (strawberries)


21 tons of mangold is the annual verified production of the VEGGIE.BOX container

Comparison of yield with pond farming 

Palnt production Field yield t/ha/year Farm yield t/ha/year Yield ratio farm/field
 Leaf lettuce  24  1730  72x more
 Herbs  1,5  720  480x more
 Mangold  250  5460  21,8x more


  • compact and standardized dimensions
  • high yield per metre of surface area
  • all technologies under one roof
  • transportable by conventional transport



  • Modified 40" container with insulation

  • Separate entrance with airlock
  • Stackable construction
  • Separate technologies
  • Locker room and processing room part of the technology section


  • Automatic nutrient solution plant treatment 

  • Central air conditioning

  • Possibility of extension with heat exchanger for waste heat recovery


  • Shelf hydroponic system

  • 5 possible growing methods (DFT, NFT, Drain, Drip, Aero)

  • Growing area according to the selected crop type (herbs and leafy vegetables / chilli and CBD)

  • Seedbox for seedling production for farm capacity

Higher operational efficiency = farm from more containers 

Farm sets

Individual containers can be linked together to form complex units, which saves acquisition costs as well as operating costs.

farm set 2+1 container
farm set 2+1 container
farm set 4+1 container
farm set 4+1 container
farm with greenhouse extension
farm with greenhouse extension