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Farm story

Over the years, we have followed the current agricultural sector and especially the evolution of consumer behaviour. The rising standard of living of Europe's population is constantly increasing the pressure on the use of natural resources, be it water, land for agriculture or the use of fossil fuels for the recurrent transport of food. We care about the future of our planet and have built our solutions on the following ideas:

  • We want to slow down the rate at which wilderness is being turned into areas for crop and livestock production. Not only in our country, but also in countries where production has moved.

  • We want to use spaces and areas that can no longer serve their original purpose. These are brownfields, brownfields and areas with contaminated soil.

  • We want to exploit energy synergies. We want to use the waste heat from the farms for heating. To power the farms, we will use renewable sources or night-time tariffs.

  • We want to make it easier to build farms because building indoor vertical farms is challenging to design and select a suitable building.

  • We want to produce food locally and efficiently, while conserving natural resources.

so we created our own concept of farming in easily movable containers


is designed for intensive breeding of market fish, species bred in our waters and thermophilic, exotic species

For the economy of operation it is essential to raise as many fish as possible in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, our facility is based on a recirculating system known as RAS (Recirculating aquaculture system), where the breeding water is cycled from the breeding tank to mechanical filters and back to the breeding tank through a biological filter.

FISH.BOX interior with breeding tank
FISH.BOX interior with breeding tank


is designed for intensive cultivation of many types of herbs, vegetables, spices, flowers, fruits

In order to achieve high yields, it is essential to supply the plants with everything they need in the ideal quantity. That is, nutrients, specific light, the right temperature and humidity.

Therefore our equipment works on the principle of a hydroponic multi-tier system with a choice of 5 types of hydroponics ((DFT,NFT, Drain, Drip, Aero).

VEGGIE.BOX interior with shelves for growing
VEGGIE.BOX interior with shelves for growing

The use of container farms is in line with the European From Farm to Fork initiative, an initiative to shorten the supply chain and thus reduce the carbon footprint of food.

How to produce more food in less space

Table comparing the yields of the VEGGIE.BOX hydroponic growing container with conventional field growing.

Palnt production Field yield t/ha/year Farm yield t/ha/year Yield ratio farm/field
 Leaf lettuce  24  1730  72x more
 Herbs  1,5  720  480x more
 Mangold  250  5460  21,8x more
  • Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil as a substrate. 

  • The absence of soil makes it easier to control the amount of nutrients and reduces the risk of pest overgrowth.

  • Hydroponics is scalable horizontally and vertically. We can work with the growing area, change it as needed and grow in fields on top of each other.

  • We can also grow plants in hydroponics that would be impossible to produce efficiently in our climate.

Table comparing the yield of the FISH.BOX recirculating breeding container with conventional pond breeding.

Livestock production Pond yield t/ha/year Farm yield t/ha/year Yield ratio farm/pond
 African catfish  0,25  2660  10 640x more
  • We invented our own RAS system - intensive recirculation system for fish farming.

  • We figured out a way to reduce the pond to a breeding tank and use the same water without the risk of pollution and fish kills.

  • The RAS has a closed circuit. The water from the breeding tank goes through mechanical and biological treatment.

  • There is a large volume of water in the system, so the system is not susceptible to fluctuations in water parameters.

How to ensure a stable environment for growing and breeding

Main benefits

Year-round operation

It doesn't matter the weather. The containers are well insulated and the control system ensures a stable environment inside the container without temperature fluctuations. 

Compact dimensions, high efficiency per metre

The container space is fully utilized and all technology is included. At the same time, we place emphasis on easy serviceability.   

Minimum operating costs

Thanks to the thermally insulated containers, the requirements for maintaining a stable indoor environment are minimal. A clever control system ensures economical use of energy and water. 

Automated operation and remote control

Smart control reduces the need for an operator to a minimum. The entire farm can be monitored and controlled via a secure web interface or mobile app.

No legislative requirements for contruction

The farm is mobile and does not require a building permit. 

We won't let you down

We have experience and we cooperate with scientific institutions. We will be there to help you with your achievements at any time. 

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