Container fish farming


Container farms for intensive fish farming. They use their own recirculation system (RAS), where the breeding water is mechanically and biologically purified of undesirable substances and returned to the breeding tanks.

installed breeding containers
installed breeding containers
diagram of the filtration system
diagram of the filtration system
breeding tank in operation
breeding tank in operation


We built an environmentally controlled space in a refurbished shipping container with thermal insulation. This space is equipped with all the technology for intensive breeding of many species of fish from cold-loving to thermophilic.

Three breeding tanks and mechanical, biological filtration together with a dosing tank and pumps form a closed water cycle.

What can be bred

The system is prepared for breeding many species of cold-loving and warm-loving fish such as tilapia, african and large catfish, trout, pikeperch, perch, sturgeon, arctic char, whitefish, marena, ling...


10 tons of African catfish is the verified annual production of the FISH.BOX container

Comparison of yield with pond farming

Livestock production Pond yield t/ha/year Farm yield t/ha/year Yield ratio farm/pond
 African catfish  0,25  2660  10 640x more


  • compact and standardized dimensions
  • high yield per metre of surface area
  • all technologies under one roof
  • transportable by conventional transport



  • Modified 40" container with insulation

  • Stackable construction

  • Separate technologies


  • 3 separate breeding tanks, each with a volume of 3m3

  • Equipment for circulation of the breeding water

  • Automatic pellet feeders according to calendar

  • Dispenser for pH control

  • Automatic water level control including drainage


  • Mechanical filtration with sedimentation and drum filter

  • Biological multi-chamber filtration tank including biomedia

  • Air conditioning unit for temperature control

  • Air compressors for oxygenation of breeding water and biological filters

  • Continuous measurement of water and environmental parameters

  • Continuous statistics on power, water, feed consumption, system parameters

  • Autonomous system control and monitoring via internet and mobile apps

  • Independent emergency airing in case of power failure

Higher operational efficiency = farm from more containers

Farm sets

Individual containers can be linked together to form complex units, which saves acquisition costs as well as operating costs.

farm set 2+1 container
farm set 2+1 container
farm set 4+1 container
farm set 4+1 container
farm with greenhouse extension
farm with greenhouse extension