Process automation and remote farm management on demand

Need to automate and manage remotely ?

horizontal and vertical hydroponic growing systems?

fish recirculation systems, nurseries and hatcheries?

aquaponic fish farming and growing systems?

We offer automation and remote management of your operations with experience from our own farms.

We developed the system for our own container farm management needs and over time it has proven to be applicable to existing operations as well as new projects.

measurement - control - online monitoring - history of operation

How the control and monitoring system works

The system continuously measures physical quantities

  • temperature of water, air, operating fluids and gases
  • parameters of the breeding and growing water, air humidity
  • levels in tanks and circulation and filtration equipment
  • water and electricity consumption
  • equipment and equipment statuses (on/off, open/closed)

The control unit automatically controls

  • water refilling to the system
  • the operation of the circulation, replenishment and dosing pumps (or servo valves)
  • the operation of the filtration devices
  • space and water tempering and conditioning
  • the dosing of compound feed and powdered substances
  • air handling and air circulation in the compartment

Traffic overview is online 24/7

  • everything on the mobile phone app, on the computer and on the internet (non-public access) 24/7
  • Access to the system is password protected and each user profile is allowed access to selected sections
  • each user has a level of permissions - I can see / I can see and I can intervene / I can change system settings
  • alerts to available users on mobile phone - temperature overrun, level overrun, equipment lockout, unauthorized entry...

Continuously records data for analysis  

  • you get an overview of energy, water, feed, dosage mixtures...
  • displays values in graphs - efficiency analyses can be made and operations can be optimised
  • operation history reveals errors in the process setup - followed by optimization of staff deployment, order of operations...
  • everything clearly in graphs with the possibility of exporting to tables

Open to the future

  • The system is expandable at any time with additional plant equipment, sensors and measuring elements
  • uses proven and extended communication protocols = large range of reliable sensors 
  • the system is open to new technologies 

intelligent process control