Container farms for intensive fish farming and cultivation

We develop and manufacture container farms for fish farming and plant growing 

We use refurbished 40" (12 metres) insulated containers, which are equipped with advanced technology for growing plants and breeding fish.

Containers for fish farming

  • are designed for a wide range of thermophilic and cold-loving fish
  • use a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), where a maximum stock of fish is kept in a minimum area and volume of water
  • the circulation of the rearing water and its mechanical and biological treatment drastically reduce water consumption and stabilize the environment
  • automation of processes and water quality control deliberately reduce the time required to raise fish to market size

Containers for growing plants

  • are designed for growing many types of herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices
  • use hydroponics - growing plants without using soil, the absence of soil reduces the risk of pest overpopulation
  • nutrients are supplied to the plants through a water solution, where the optimal nutrient composition accelerates plant growth
  • the hydroponic container makes it possible to grow plants that cannot be produced efficiently in our conditions

What challenges do we face?

Climate change and agricultural sustainability

Question: How can we ensure that extreme weather events and climate change do not lead to crop failure?

Solution: Create a controlled environment that is not affected by the weather. An environment that guarantees perfect growing conditions.

Lack of quality agricultural land

Question: Why take up new land and deplete it of nutrients? How to use contaminated land, brownfields and brownfields for agriculture?

Solution: Build a soil-independent farm. Easily located almost anywhere. Build production not on the size of the field, but by increasing production in a minimum amount of space.

Restrictions on distribution and packaging materials

Question: Is it necessary to import fresh food from far away, reduce the quality by transporting it and leave a carbon footprint by transporting and storing it?

Solution: Build a farm at the point of consumption and processing. Avoid loss of product quality due to distribution. Reduce the use of disposable packaging.

Container farm produces fresh fish, herbs and vegetables

What are the benefits of the solution?

Longer durability

Short logistics, the possibility of selling plants with roots, the sale of live fish extend the shelf life of food.

No waste
No wastage when demand drops, produce is not harvested, discarded or thrown away.

Planned production
Contracted supply at a stable price.

Containers for intensive breeding and cultivation